Black and white is my go to, but you knew that already. Tim and I headed to the Northgate Mall in Seattle a couple weeks ago, to exchange my new birthday loafer slides, so we decided to make a day of it and shoot as well. l will insert a couple of his pictures below too! He’s so handsome and the perfect “Instagram” bf.

I paired this long pleated skirt with a cropped white turtle neck knit, my mini, red cross-body, and my H&M booties.

I topped it with possibly the best thrift find of my career (granted, I have one of these moments every thrift haul), a suede and studded motto jacket.

Guys, I bought this kick ass jacket for only $1.79! Goodwill Monday sales are the mecca. Did I mention the entire outfit, besides the shoes, is from Goodwill? Yeah, find your nearest Goodwill here to start saving not just money, but the planet too.

P.S. J gifted me this YSL Glossy Stain in the coral shade #12 for my birthday, and I am beyond obsessed. I have never been a gloss girl, but this is so much more than a slimy substance on your lips that your hair gets stuck on and your boyfriend hates kissing. The YSL Glossy Stain has made me understand what Lil’ Mama meant when she said her lip gloss be popping.

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