Zombies Are In.

From The Walking dead to every other movie in theaters now, not to mention that Kanye designs his Yeezy collections with them in mind, Zombies are everywhere. Let’s just hope they never become a reality. So instead of biting a… Continue Reading


It’s no secret that I LOVE thrifting (hate the term, something about it being too hipster and too Macklemore ), and recently I’ve found some pretty good finds. My friends always ask me how I find actual good quality, on trend… Continue Reading

Off the Shoulder

I have had my eyes on the off the shoulder top trend for quite sometime. However, I refuse to spend a ton of money, at least for now (while ballin’ on a budget), on a short-lived trend. Which I feel this… Continue Reading

Jackets as Capes? Or Nah. . .

Everyone cool is doing it. Seems tricky and impractical. But you have to try it. I did. The jacket cape; At first glance it gives of a pretentious vibe but honestly its a subtle statement. And hey maybe you’re kind of cold,… Continue Reading

Seattle Bloggers Meet up!

I attended a Seattle bloggers meet up last night and it nearly changed my life. I still have a hard time believing that  I was asked to attend. Kelsi from Style Smith hosted, along with Sydney from Gossip & Glamour,… Continue Reading