Welcome to Stuck Near Seattle; my personal style blog. I’m Andrea Hernandez, I’m 22 years old and live near Seattle, Washington. I decided to try blogging a couple years ago with a site on a different platform but found it was not the time for me to start doing so. Finally I have all the tools I need to do this right. Stuck Near Seattle is my own personal style diary, where I’ll be posting my outfits, tips, and maybe even dressing up my friends and sister regularly.

       I am currently not enrolled in school but I plan to be soon. I hope to study merchandising, but that flip flops just like my mood, and put it to work in the fashion industry. Working hard to pay for my shopping habits and to save for school. Stuck Near Seattle is intended to help me stay focused on my goals and dreams, satisfy my cravings for fashion, to find myself and hopefully inspire anyone out there reading.

You can find me obsessing over my future fashion career, or lack there of, on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram here.

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