Easy & Professional Teeth Whitening at Home!

Put the over the counter white strips down and back away slowly. Sorry guys, but if you want brilliantly white, healthy teeth, it’s time to #SmileFearlessly with Smile Brilliant. They offer affordable at home teeth whitening for everyone. Their custom-fitted whitening trays are USA made, cheaper than your dentist, and ship to you faster than it would actually take you to get around to using those damn strips.

At home teeth whitening should be easy, effective and custom to your life, stains, and sensitivity. Smile Brilliant developed just that; a system that allows you to make your own dental impressions and choose your sensitivity. With over 30 years of experience, the Smile Brilliant team knows what’s up with teeth whitening, so they’ll save you that scary trip to the dentist that is over priced and focused on the fact that you don’t floss enough.

Before I take you through my personal Smile Brilliant experience, lets talk teeth whitening facts backed by decades of research and dental professionals:

1. Teeth are like sponges. Yes they absorb everything. From coffee and wine (my choice of stains), to dark berries and smoking. Your teeth have pores that absorb all the colors that you put in your mouth. Smile Brilliant’s perfectly formulated teeth whitening gel gets absorbed by your teeth to push those stains back out through your pores.

2. Teeth whitening doesn’t have to damage your teeth. When used correctly, professional teeth whitening is safe and effective. Your teeth naturally remineralize and rehydrate, especially after you use the Smile Brilliant desensitizing gel, which locks in your progress, reduces sensitivity and prevents future stains.

3. The key is in the device. Most whitening systems use similar ingredients, the difference is in the device used to hold the whitening to your teeth. Generic whitening strips will never be as good as your own personal, custom-fitted trays. The custom trays are really what sold me on this system. They make the whitening work for everyone; whether your teeth are straight or not. Learn more about the benefits of custom-fitted trays.

4. Custom-fitted trays cost over $500 from a dentist. Dentists are valuable, and so is their chair and lab time. Smile Brilliant offers you the same, sans the dentist, which means about 70% off the regular cost.

5. Sensitivity happens. Life stains, and beauty is pain. When whitening, teeth become temporarily dehydrated so its harder from them to protect nerves from changes in temperature. This sensitivity only doesn’t last more than 36 hours and is reduced even faster when you use a good fluoride treatment after to nourish and rehydrate. If your worried about your sensitive teeth do some research.

Want more facts? Get five more by visiting the Smile Brilliant website.

Everyone is unique, therefore everyone has a unique teeth story. Mine is simple, but one I’ve always struggled with. My teeth, like many other people’s, are not straight. I never got braces, nor do I want them at the moment. I also enjoy my coffee and a good glass of vino. Yeah I try drinking out of straws and all that jazz, but when you’re in your twenties staining your teeth is the least of your worries. I’ll admit that I was very nervous to partner with Smile Brilliant at first, because of my own insecurities and reservations about my own smile. I did my research, by flipping through their website, and quickly learned that not only are they vegan, made in the USA, and have a 100% money back guarantee, but that they also do custom-fitted whitening trays. I was hooked. Like I said, my teeth are not straight; my bottom bite is all twisted, and don’t even get me started about my top. Whitening strips never fit, custom trays would be my only option.

When my kit arrived I was a bit nervous about screwing the trays up but the instructions were so simple to follow. The kit comes with two catalysts and two bases for the impressions. Combining one of each gives you the mold material, which you spread into the provided trays. After that you press the trays into your teeth, making the impressions. Once they are dry and set for 30 minutes you send them to the Smile Brilliant lab in the included pre-paid envelope. BOOM, your custom trays are on their way back in 5 days after they receive your impressions. With your trays in hand, and in a small carrying case, you are ready to go. You apply a thin ribbon of the whitening gel along the trays then simply slip them over your teeth. You can go about your day for 45 minutes to 3 hour.

The trays are comfortable and nearly undetectable. Like with any whitening you may experience discomfort, gum irritation and sensitivity. This has been the most comfortable teeth whitening I’ve tried. The discomfort was most noticed on my first session, but has completely gone away now. Gum irritation, was not painful, and only occurred when too much gel was used. The best part of this system is the desensitizing gel, which you apply the same way after cleaning your trays from the whitening gel. This gel is only left on for 15-20 minutes, and it does wonders by rehydrating your teeth and locking in their new shade. I absolutely love this system; my teeth are shades whiter, brighter, and even feel healthier.

My smile transformation:

BEFORE: My teeth are stained with coffee, wine, berries and are def not straight.

AFTER: My teeth are not magically straight but they are brilliantly whiter. brighter and even feel stronger.

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Watch the tray making process and get Danielle Mansutti’s take via Youtube!

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