From single to dating, engaged to married, it’s complicated to “I don’t need no man” or even “shit what can I give my photographer as thanks for all the amazing pictures?”; Jord has you covered this Valentine’s day and well really all year round. Jord hand crafts wood timepieces that not only tell time but a unique story as well. With 13 different woods to choose from, there is something for everyone, not to mention a plethora of color ways to choose from. Their engraving also comes in handy this time of the year.

This may be the first year, in a long, long time that I have to think about Valentine’s Day as a non-single person. So believe me, I get it, finding the perfect gift at any point in a relationship is hard. I honestly think these watches are the solution. Not only are you gifting a unique watch, um hello how many cool wood watches have you seen out there?! You’re engraving something special into it as well. BOOM! You win at Valentine’s Day.

Now I’ve been #teamsingle for a long time, so I too understand that this month can get annoying. What I’ve also learned is that you don’t need someone else to complete you, to be happy, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or to buy yourself pretty things… like a sick new watch. We should all be dating ourselves first. If you don’t love you why would someone else? Ladies, buy yourself a new watch. Spend hours browsing the site, looking at all the options. Even engrave it! Currently looking at buying the Frankie in Ebony & Gold so I can engrave it with ‘Stuck Near Seattle’. Pro tip; do not limit yourself to the women’s section, look through the men’s as well, I’ve seen some that I will be back for (like the Dover in Ebony & Copper) .

Jord kindly gifted me the Reece in Walnut and Navy, which I decided to give to my photographer, roomie, and possible brother in law, Collin. Jord has the watch measurement process down, so it was super easy to find Collin’s perfect fit. Jord watches arrive in their own wooden box, perfect for flat lays, shelfies, and home décor, and even some maintenance supplies. Honestly, you don’t even need to wrap them further. We shot the watch on Collin, in Seattle. It was fun to see him elevate a classic bomber jacket outfit with the watch and even add an extra edge to a bolder  long line hoodie look. Head over to Instagram and Pinterest for more of this watch!


I am so happy to get to bring this giveaway to you guys! All you have to do is enter via the link below. One lucky winner will receive a $100 off code and all other entrants will receive a $25 off code once the contest ends Febuary 12th!







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