Makeup by Magic Magz Launch

Blogging has done nothing more beautiful to my life than bring the most spectacular women into it. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this MUA blossom into one of the most dedicated, hard working, and talented single mom and college student out there. Maggie Ruiz truly does it all, with undoubtable grace, style and magic.

Photo by AigulBaur

Magic Magz, as her clients know her, and I went to high school together. I can tell you first hand that she is an extraordinary and resilient human being. Not long after I started Stuck Near Seattle, she put me in contact with her magic. Halloween is not only my favorite holiday but the coolest of holidays to shoot. We collaborated on a zombie theme and man, oh, man, was it good. She came up with a walking dead gone glam look for me and I was honestly hooked.

Photo by Collin Tatman

Photo by Charles Schimmer

Maggie’s affinity for makeup began at the turbulent age of 17, but I’ll let her tell you her utterly inspiring story herself (read it here). After taking master classes with GlamLab Studios Maggie is now a fully certified MUA having worked with a variety of clients; from regular gals like me, photographers, Seattle fashion shows, and alternative makeup, to glamor shots, soft beauty headshots, fetish wear edgy makeup, and special FX.

Photo by Aaron Matthew, of Aaron Matthew Photography Studios

Photo by Maggie Ruiz.

Today she is launching her website, MAKE UP BY MAGIC MAGZ, where you can see the magic, book the magic, and finally live magically beautiful, all as you listen to Flashing Lights by Kanye West. Don’t just take my word for it, her work speaks for itself and you can also read other testimonials on the site. I am so honored to have this gem in my life, her soul is as magical as her makeup. Thank you for working your magic.

xo, a.

Maggie Ruiz, aka Magic Magz


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