Peaceful. . .


. . . is not what my life has been since my last post. I’ve been working a lot and trying to spend more time with my friends because it is summer after all. Was about to post this yesterday, but I got called into work early and had to close. I’ll keep this short and leave you with this meadow that is peaceful, unlike life.

1. I’m obsessed with high neck and long-line slit tops. Duh.

2. I want to be the kind of girl that can rock floppy hats all the time, but IDK.

3. Thank you Washington and the Pacific North West for being forever beautiful and the perfect backdrop for pictures.





I honestly have to say that this set of pictures have been one of my favorites so far, even if they were taken with Collin’s cell phone. The natural beauty of the meadow and the different dimensions of the foreground were insane. The last two pictures were a bit more silhouette-y but that made me like them even more. We will definitely be doing more shoots like this.

Top / Abstract Dot High-Slit Cami / Forever 21

Jeans / Rock Star Skinny Jeans / Old Navy (Goodwill)

Shoes / Platform Sandal / Diba London (Ross)

Hat / Woven Floppy Hat / Charlotte Russe

Jewelry Etched Pendant Station Necklace / Forever 21

Photography by Collin Tatman