As you read, in my latest life update (read it here if you haven’t, I’ll wait), life got rough when I lost my job at the start of the new year. I am happy to say that I am back into the swing of things. New job, and single again, but with a surge of passion and creativity. I refuse to let things out of my control, out of my reach, and those moments in life that remind us that life isn’t fair, define me, affect the quality of my life, or dictate my happiness. I am going to treat myself. I vow to refill the tub for a second round of bubbles, have another drink, stay out late with friends, talk to those that make my heart full for as long as I can keep my eyes open, get another tattoo with my tax return, buy my family gifts, and forever indulge my passions even when others might not understand them. Because I fucking love myself and life is short and sweet and totally weird and unfair.

All that aside, here is all the shit I’ve managed to buy even with lack of funds; get deals, bless up.

  1. Black, cold shoulder, cropped knit-  Ross, $8
  2. Light pink body suit- Forever 21, $2
  3. Black mesh T- Wet Seal, $4 (Sadly, Wet Seal has been one of the many companies closing its stores/doors)
  4. Low cut white T- Wet Seal, $2 (^^^)
  5. Black, off the shoulder body suit- Target, $6
  6. Flowy, white, eyelet mesh top, Forever 21, $4
  7. Black, loose, light weight blazer- Forever 21, $3
  8. Faux fur, multi color coat- Forever 21, $10
  9. Tan, long coat- Forever 21, $10
  10. Black, see through lace panel blouse- Forever 21, $3 (Not on the rack because I wore it out, then left it at Hannah’s, so here’s a selfie)
  11. Black, tassel wrap around choker- Wet Seal, $1 (^^^)

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xo, a.