Sale O’Clock

Maddie, this one’s for you. I know I said this would be up yesterday, but I had to take a personal day. Sue me. Anyways, like I said in the previous post, read it here, my new job requires me to budget even further than I have before. I never pay too much for any of my trend pieces, or really for anything in my life. I love a good deal, and who doesn’t. I’ve perfected the art of thrift shopping, and have recently taken on the dreaded, disorganized, hell like bliss that are mall sales.

These are my tips:

  1. Deals are everywhere, if thrift shopping isn’t for you, walk the mall, but don’t pay big bucks for one night stand trends; shop the sales.
  2. Emails suck but sales don’t! Get on those newsletters and find the best times to fight for parking at the mall. Forever 21 just had 65% additional off of their already on sale pieces!
  3. Dig through the endless piles of sale items even if they are disorganized and not hung up. After working retail at a relatively tidy store, I hate having to see items tossed around too.
  4. Give yourself good shopping karma as you browse the glorious mess, by fixing, folding, or hanging at least one item for every one that you pick up. The fashion gods will reward you.
  5. Another easy way to navigate this hell like bliss is to go into it with a color palette, items in mind (top, bottom, jacket), or some form of inspiration (texture, style, fabric). Keeping those in mind will help your mind gravitate towards just those pieces that qualify, eliminating the unoriginal, over designed, or just flat out unnecessary junk.
  6. Don’t be a size hound. You may not find “your size” because sale is sparse. Instead of being hooked on that number or letter, go up one or two or three sizes. Rock it oversized or with layers. Even try smaller sizes and go for something cropped, or make an oversized piece fit like normal. The size is unimportant as long as the item makes you feel good!
  7. Distress, DIY, reinvent. Simple; you can afford to experiment with sale items (much like thrifted ones). Try out that new denim distress technique, make yourself a Yeezy wannabe ripped T, fray some jeans, or cut out a crop top. The sale is your oyster girl.
  8. Fear not the stores outside of the mall. Ross, Marshalls, Nordy Rack, and Target all have sales or good prices. The key at these joints is to go through the racks. Make sure to stick to basics and simple styles. These stores like to crank out trends on top of trends all in one piece so be careful. Don’t get stuck with the cold shoulder, mock neck, sweater dress, that has lace and a built in choker; Ya feel me?
  9. Finally, as sad as this is, keep an eye out for any stores that might be closing. I have been through the store closing process, which sucks btw, and I know that shit pops off when a company needs to sell as much as possible. If you see the bright yellow signs go in but be nice (they all just lost their jobs and don’t give a fuck about your shit attitude or their lack of your size).
  10. If and ONLY IF the “store closing” signs are up, ask when they close, (if you ask before these signs are up they have to give you a BS story that only kills them more inside and warrants you a bitch face). Buy what you can’t live without and come back again closer to the closing date to shop the bigger sale.

Hope that helps. Get deals my lovelies.

xo, a.