Shelfie FT. Modern Map Art

It all started with the selfie. Enter the “shelfie” and I am so onboard. A shelfie is simply a picture of your trendy shelf not your own self. The moment I was approached by Modern Map Art to receive a print I knew I needed the Seattle map and a few shelves! Originally my vision was that of three corner shelves for the still bare corner of my room. Without fail, as with a lot in life, that idea developed into something more complex. I ended up buying one corner shelf, two regular rectangle shelves and a ton of bits and bobs.  I had the shelves painted black, no surprise there (thanks Dad). While I am definitely a DIY person I am not particularly handy, so I enlisted Dora’s help, aka my mom, to attach the shelves. I had such a fun time decorating and playing around with this project; below are a few tips to getting the perfect shelfie!

But first can we talk about this Seattle map print?! I am very much in love with Seattle, obvious right, so this print was made for my room. Modern Map Art takes those special places that are attached to nostalgic memories and turns them into art for your home. Whether you want to pay homage to your home town, where you went to school, your honeymoon, engagement, or even just where you bought your first pair of Louboutins, Modern Map Art helps you showcase those noteworthy places. They not only do the classic city maps but even ski maps, phone and pillow cases! Don’t even get me started on the customizing options! Definitely a perfect gift idea. I went with matte black and white, duh, but they honestly have options for everyone’s style. They are made in the US, printed on museum quality, thick, durable, matte paper with UltraChrome ink and are even finger print resistant. I also love that they are packaged in their own poster tubes, which makes storing them and/or moving so much easier and protective.

I’ve been getting into home décor a lot more recently and if you are too you have to check out Modern Map Art.


1. Shelves- gather a bunch of different sized shelves. Play with the levels and placement. Corner shelves are such a good update.

2. Focal Point- use the shelves as a focal point for your ‘still bare even though I’ve been here for two years’ wall. Choose a bare wall or a corner!

3. Bits & bobs- go Macklemore on the bitch and hit up local thrift shops for unique pieces to add your own personal touch. Like with the shelves, play with heights and sizes. This is also where you decide your color scheme and metals. For example I kept the big pieces black (frame and shelves) and decorated with silver metal accents, yellow/gold, navy books, and plants.

4. Greenery- probably the trendiest part of the shelfie is the use of greenery or plant ware. Here is where you have to be super honest with the level of your green thumb. As far as I am concerned my limit is a few succulents, cacti and some air plants; the less watering the better. I can barely take care of myself let alone a bunch of needy little plants K. Once you settled on the plants don’t be afraid to repot them! You can go for traditional plant pots or choose unexpected things, like this martini glass, to house your new babies.

5. Artwork- Whether or not you can afford a Picasso or Warhol make sure that you include some framed art. In my case I chose to focus on just one big framed piece, shop it here. You can prop them up or hang them. Create your own art, water color a quote, buy a print, or hunt for the perfect old school piece at the thrift store.

The beauty of these shelves is that you can play around with them everyday and change it up to match your mood, style, or outfit; because let’s be real you’re gonna want to take a selfie with your shelf.

Check out all the prints @ Modern Map Art here.

Shelves via Ikea

Bits and bobs via Goodwill and Value Village (Savers)

Plants via Ikea, Home Depot and my sister

*While I was gifted this print by Modern Map Art all opinions remain my own.

xo, a.