Snapchat Story: A Week Of Outfits


It’s been a busy last couple of weeks. Since I haven’t had time to plan out actual outfits shoots, I’ve taken to Snapchat as my last resort. My phone is something like the IPhone BC’s grandma, but it will have to do until I finally upgrade my phone and buy myself a good camera. Any suggestions on a good camera???

Anyways, with my Snapchat I am able to get a clear picture of the pieces I wear the most on the day to day and see more of my casual side. Normally I ‘snap’ whenever I’m out and about, so I make sure to take an outfit selfie. Here are a weeks worth. . .







Obviously I’m obsessing over black shoes and that gem and chain necklace from Forever 21. Maybe once I upgrade my phone I’ll do more through my Snapchat. If it’s good enough for The Blonde Salad and Kylie Jenner I’m willing to try it…


P.S. I start my new job tomorrow (or later today since it’s like 1 am). I’M SO EXCITED.

Stay tuned, XO.