Quick outfit post since I can’t get enough of this look from my work holiday party. Wrap dresses should be your go to not just for office parties, but really for any occasion. Flattering on every body, easy to find,… Continue Reading

Ten Minutes with Katherine Schwarzenegger and The Road To REAL

I’d say that I am pretty candid in both my everyday life ad here on Stuck Near Seattle. As Drake says “You hate it when I coat things all in sugar”. I feel the same way; give it to me… Continue Reading

Fashion for Conservation: Inspiración del Peru, ft. Runway to Perú

Blogging, much like soccer, has brought me some of the most amazing people in my life. In January Jorden of JordenJakobs.com slid into my dms. The blogging world is quickly becoming super saturated and is pretty overwhelming at times, so… Continue Reading

Sunshine in Seattle

A month. Work has taken over an entire month of my life again. And the next three weeks are no different. As much as I love it, the last thing I want to do is talk about work at this… Continue Reading

Work, work, work, work, work, work.

RiRi had it right when she settled for six ‘work’s in her song, five would not have been enough. Work has come through and wrecked my blogging life yet again. The struggle is real out here. Working almost full time now and… Continue Reading


Skoah is a Canadian skin care brand that offers a completely unique spa experience with “No whale music, no bubbling cherubs, no pretentious attitudes”. At the Robbins Brothers Girls Night Out, read about it here, we not only received awesome swag… Continue Reading


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing better than staring at, trying on, and playing with DIAMONDS. Well besides being proposed to with THE DIAMOND, but single as I am, I will gladly visit the… Continue Reading


Have you noticed my newest OBSESSION? Seriously (it took all the strength I had to stop myself from using the Harry Potter reference there), I have been craving a sick pair of black thigh high boots for the longest time!… Continue Reading


Recently on my way to work, I have been listening to books on Audible. I literally feel like I’ve been living in my car for the last month. The drive should only take about 20 minutes, plus ten to park… Continue Reading

Last Minute Gift Guide

Because the holidays are all about procrastination, well at least for me. Having only just yesterday set up our first Christmas tree away from our families it is safe to say I am finally feeling festive. I am NOW fully… Continue Reading