Black and white is my go to, but you knew that already. Tim and I headed to the Northgate Mall in Seattle a couple weeks ago, to exchange my new birthday loafer slides, so we decided to make a day of… Continue Reading


  As you read, in my latest life update (read it here if you haven’t, I’ll wait), life got rough when I lost my job at the start of the new year. I am happy to say that I am… Continue Reading

Fall into Socks and Sandals. . .

Get it? ‘Fall into’. . . ? Anyways, I was dying to try socks with sandals for the longest time. I recently came across these Vagabond Shoemakers sandals, at Good Will yes, and knew I needed to wear them with socks.… Continue Reading

Uniqlo Goodies

Last Thursday my sister and I got to attend the Uniqlo store opening in Bellevue. We absolutely loved it and ended up buying more than planned. Everyday, quality basics can be hard to find but now Uniqlo has us covered. Take… Continue Reading


Accio Emma Watson’s style. If you don’t get the reference I don’t agree with your life choices. I have always been very open and honest about my addiction. . . to HARRY POTTER, so it was only a matter of… Continue Reading

On the Hunt. . .

For the perfect pair of cropped, flared jeans! I fell in love with a pair of H&M ones when I saw them on one of The Fashion Citizens videos (I LOVE STEPH AND MELLISA) but unfortunately I can’t even find them… Continue Reading


No better place to get inspiration than those unrealistically perfect celebs, am I right? From now on every Thursday a post on Stuck Near Seattle will be dedicated to a celebrity’s style and how to achieve it for less. First up, Gigi… Continue Reading


There I am, in the middle of the dusty shoe aisle at my local Goodwill. Out of nowhere something, on the highest shelf, gleams a bright white. I look up to find a pair of near new condition Nikes. Am… Continue Reading

Snapchat Story: A Week Of Outfits

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks. Since I haven’t had time to plan out actual outfits shoots, I’ve taken to Snapchat as my last resort. My phone is something like the IPhone BC’s grandma, but it will have… Continue Reading

Seattle City Pass

Decided to play tour guide/tourist over the weekend with my cousin, who was visiting from Mexico. We bought the Seattle City Pass and it did not disappoint! We got to go to the Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium, on a mini… Continue Reading