Sunshine in Seattle

A month. Work has taken over an entire month of my life again. And the next three weeks are no different. As much as I love it, the last thing I want to do is talk about work at this… Continue Reading


As I cleaned through my closet a few days ago, I could not believe I had not styled or even posted about my one of my most favorite thrift finds; a kick ass, embroidered, Harley Davidson denim jacket. Naturally, I… Continue Reading

Seattle Bloggers Meet up!

I attended a Seattle bloggers meet up last night and it nearly changed my life. I still have a hard time believing that  I was asked to attend. Kelsi from Style Smith hosted, along with Sydney from Gossip & Glamour,… Continue Reading


Accio Emma Watson’s style. If you don’t get the reference I don’t agree with your life choices. I have always been very open and honest about my addiction. . . to HARRY POTTER, so it was only a matter of… Continue Reading

On the Hunt. . .

For the perfect pair of cropped, flared jeans! I fell in love with a pair of H&M ones when I saw them on one of The Fashion Citizens videos (I LOVE STEPH AND MELLISA) but unfortunately I can’t even find them… Continue Reading


  On a Friday. . . because I got called into work literally as I was finishing up. What else is new though? I can’t complain because it’s looking like I need to be saving a lot now. 😉 In… Continue Reading

Denim Child PT. 2

With my sister comes her boyfriend Collin, they’re a packaged deal now and I love it. Not only because he is a great addition to our family but because he is just as good of an addition to Stuck Near… Continue Reading


No better place to get inspiration than those unrealistically perfect celebs, am I right? From now on every Thursday a post on Stuck Near Seattle will be dedicated to a celebrity’s style and how to achieve it for less. First up, Gigi… Continue Reading

Denim Child PT. 1

It has taken me years to convince my sister, Dani, to let me dress her. YEARS! After begging she finally said yes in support of Stuck Near Seattle. I’m super excited to start this part of the blog and to get… Continue Reading

Peaceful. . .

. . . is not what my life has been since my last post. I’ve been working a lot and trying to spend more time with my friends because it is summer after all. Was about to post this yesterday, but I… Continue Reading