As you read, in my latest life update (read it here if you haven’t, I’ll wait), life got rough when I lost my job at the start of the new year. I am happy to say that I am… Continue Reading

2016 Over and Out; Throwback & Update

The last few weeks of 2016 did a number on me, and I can now confirm that even just ten days into the New Year the universe is still testing me. When everything seems to be going to shit it’s… Continue Reading

Saturday in Seattle

As my main supporter and possibly only fan, it was only fitting that I bring my mom along to the Zulily open casting. While my whole family is in full support of my fashion career goals, my mother, Dora, has… Continue Reading


Accio Emma Watson’s style. If you don’t get the reference I don’t agree with your life choices. I have always been very open and honest about my addiction. . . to HARRY POTTER, so it was only a matter of… Continue Reading


Teen Vogue is calling it the “easiest do-it-yourself in fashion history”, so obviously I’m all in. The final look of Coach’s Fall 2015 (Women) included this leather jacket which was plastered with chic and fun pins. I love this personal update… Continue Reading


No better place to get inspiration than those unrealistically perfect celebs, am I right? From now on every Thursday a post on Stuck Near Seattle will be dedicated to a celebrity’s style and how to achieve it for less. First up, Gigi… Continue Reading

Peaceful. . .

. . . is not what my life has been since my last post. I’ve been working a lot and trying to spend more time with my friends because it is summer after all. Was about to post this yesterday, but I… Continue Reading


Getting a new job has left me with a rather strained shopping budget. I could cry, but instead I’ve been window shopping left and right, adding to my already lengthy list. Here are just a few of the things I… Continue Reading

Four days. . .

. . . Was all it took for me to fall in love with my new job. I’m now a sales associate at a clothing store and I am OBSESSED. So far I’ve only worked four shifts but honestly I can’t… Continue Reading