UPDATE: Cecy & Blake

Just now realizing I never posted about my meet up with Cecelia from Cecy & Blake! We met up downtown at Le Pichet; yes it was as cute, quaint, and French as it sounds. Not to mention what we had… Continue Reading

Four days. . .

. . . Was all it took for me to fall in love with my new job. I’m now a sales associate at a clothing store and I am OBSESSED. So far I’ve only worked four shifts but honestly I can’t… Continue Reading

Thrift Find: Steve Madden

The shoes from my last post are this weeks thrift find! I bought these babies last week at Goodwill, for only $19! PLOT TWIST THEY’RE STEVE MADDEN. Yeah I was very excited. Goodwill almost always have a ‘fashion focus’ section… Continue Reading