Skoah is a Canadian skin care brand that offers a completely unique spa experience with “No whale music, no bubbling cherubs, no pretentious attitudes”. At the Robbins Brothers Girls Night Out, read about it here, we not only received awesome swag… Continue Reading


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing better than staring at, trying on, and playing with DIAMONDS. Well besides being proposed to with THE DIAMOND, but single as I am, I will gladly visit the… Continue Reading

Event Swag Bag!

If you have read my post on Thursday night’s event, click here, then come right back and read about what we got in our swag bag! L’Occitane hand cream- Already tried this and damn it’s good; 20% Shea Butter made… Continue Reading

Diamonds & Desserts

I believe a girl has two best friends; DIAMONDS & desserts. Yesterday I was happy to attend the Diamonds & Desserts event at the downtown Seattle Robbins Brothers jewelry store hosted by Sydney from Gossip & Glamour! They unveiled new holiday… Continue Reading


I haven’t posted in about four days. I was doing so well! As always life catches up to you and knocks you around. *Insert sigh here* If any of you work retail you know the struggle come holiday season! All of… Continue Reading