Jackets as Capes? Or Nah. . .

Everyone cool is doing it. Seems tricky and impractical. But you have to try it. I did. The jacket cape; At first glance it gives of a pretentious vibe but honestly its a subtle statement. And hey maybe you’re kind of cold,… Continue Reading

Seattle Bloggers Meet up!

I attended a Seattle bloggers meet up last night and it nearly changed my life. I still have a hard time believing that  I was asked to attend. Kelsi from Style Smith hosted, along with Sydney from Gossip & Glamour,… Continue Reading


Accio Emma Watson’s style. If you don’t get the reference I don’t agree with your life choices. I have always been very open and honest about my addiction. . . to HARRY POTTER, so it was only a matter of… Continue Reading

Thrift Find: Steve Madden

The shoes from my last post are this weeks thrift find! I bought these babies last week at Goodwill, for only $19! PLOT TWIST THEY’RE STEVE MADDEN. Yeah I was very excited. Goodwill almost always have a ‘fashion focus’ section… Continue Reading