Dreamin’ PT. 2

I am not the only one having Coachella withdrawals paired with Met Gala wishes, while stuck at work right? So to satisfy my festival fashion and editorial ball gown cravings, I’ve been ogling at the best looks from both events.… Continue Reading


Say yes. To everything this year. Well maybe not to everything, but you get the point. From Yes Man to Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please; I have been contemplating the word YES for this new year. I have decided to start… Continue Reading


Recently on my way to work, I have been listening to books on Audible. I literally feel like I’ve been living in my car for the last month. The drive should only take about 20 minutes, plus ten to park… Continue Reading

Runnin’ Through The 6 With My Woes

Drake launched his OVO store recently and I just fell in love with hats. Coincidence? I think not. Here are my favorites, not just from my future husband, and good as last minute holiday gifts. 1. Woes Sportcap – For… Continue Reading

Diamonds & Desserts

I believe a girl has two best friends; DIAMONDS & desserts. Yesterday I was happy to attend the Diamonds & Desserts event at the downtown Seattle Robbins Brothers jewelry store hosted by Sydney from Gossip & Glamour! They unveiled new holiday… Continue Reading


I haven’t posted in about four days. I was doing so well! As always life catches up to you and knocks you around. *Insert sigh here* If any of you work retail you know the struggle come holiday season! All of… Continue Reading