Thrift Haul


Quick thrift haul before the universe decides to throw me another curve ball. Thrifting is one of the most rewarding ways to shop. It’s honestly thrilling to search for unique, special pieces, at cheap prices. While of course you can find basics, like jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, etc., when you find that hidden gem all the dust and scavenging is worth it. Thrifting is already super affordable but you can make it even cheaper by knowing your local Goodwill’s sale calendar.


Last Monday I had a crazy, hard core craving to go thrifting so I called Dora up. We happened upon their $1.79 sale. Goodwill will pick a tag color to go on sale for the weekend then on Monday the remainder of those tags, this time it was all green tagged items, are just $1.79. I had the most amazing luck; I left with two pairs of jeans, a bralette, a button down, a turtleneck, and the holy grail of suede jackets… ALL FOR $11!

1. Button down- perfectly over sized, for the button down, gone off the shoulder trend. *Check out how I wore it on Instagram here*

2. Turtleneck- hardly a haul without one; gives you that chic Steve Jobs look.

3. Jeans- one is over sized, comfy, and mommy af, the other is tight, low-rise, and a bit flared.

4. Bralette- really just a soft cup bra, but the embroidery is so pretty and black and the back ground color just blends into my skin.

5. Suede Jacket- WHAT A FUCKING GEM; suede, studded, black and only $1.79.


Find your local Goodwill here.

***Not sponsored… but Hayyyyyyy Goodwill, I love you.***

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xo, a.